• Are you opening a business or moving to a new space?
  • Thinking about making major changes to your home or adding an addition?
  • Planning to redevelop an existing building?

Visualisation chart

Visualising Your Commercial Building or Home Design

Jewelbox Design can draw and model your ideas so you can see how they’ll work out in real life. We can help you identify and solve issues with space, functionality and appearance BEFORE they cost you time and money.

Sometimes there are several ways forward, and they all have advantages. We can draw or model several options to help you decide how to proceed. Of course, we can also advise on design, methods and materials.

Our visualisations can be shared with builders and tradespeople to clearly communicate your intent. You will get more accurate estimates, and the finished work will be more likely to match your vision. They say a picture is worth a thousand words, and this is especially true in the construction industry.

What We Deliver

Everything Jewelbox Design produces is drawn or modelled to scale. That means the proportions will always be true to life – or at least true to the measurements we’re given. For sites in the East Midlands, we prefer to take measurements ourselves, if possible.

Jewelbox Design can produce:

  • Plans, Sections and Elevations: views from above and from the sides, and slices through walls and spaces.
  • 3D Models
    • Virtual views that show correctly scaled spaces, furniture, fixtures, etc.
    • Photorealistic renderings
    • Walkthrough videos

The Collabor8te Visualisation in the Jewelbox Portfolio includes all these elements.

Plans, Sections and Elevations

Second property under consideration: space planning, basement

Jewelbox Design produces traditional plans, sections and elevations that are clear and attractive, using colours, patterns and line weights to communicate information about materials, depth and proportion. These are not ugly, confusing CAD drawings; they are beautiful and easy to read.

We can create 2D drawings showing views from above and from the sides (plans and elevations), as well as slices through walls and spaces (sections). Sections reveal information about building systems, environmental design considerations, and construction methods.

2D drawings have been used in building design for thousands of years, and we think they’re still a useful way to work out and communicate ideas about three dimensional space. Basic 2D plans are our most affordable option, because we need to create them before diving into scaled 3D modelling.

3D Models

Second property under consideration: 3D Model, front of property

Jewelbox Design can create 3D models. These models allow you see changes to building exteriors in three dimensions and walk through new interior spaces virtually, before they have been created.

Our simplest 3D models show correctly scaled building exteriors with materials and colours included. They can help you visualise what new additions, signage, decks, patios, porches, windows, doors, roofs and wall coverings will look like. In many cases, we can include topographic information in the model, showing hills and low areas that are part of the site, and modelling how the building interacts with them.

We can also create detailed work with all the interior spaces accurately modelled. Our clients have compared the basic models to video game worlds; they are correctly scaled, but not as detailed as reality. We can add typical wall and floor finishes, furniture, art and plants to the interiors to give you an idea of what they’ll be like. We can cut away walls to show multi-story views. Windows and doors can be translucent, showing views through spaces.

Our basic modelling packages include jpeg snapshots of the model from various locations and angles, and access to the model for self-directed walkthroughs.

Photorealistic Renderings

30 basement hotdesking area toward stairsPhotorealistic renderings are more fully detailed snapshots of 3D models; they require additional work with materials and lighting, and they are created using special software that calculates appearance using information about light intensity, colour and direction. For a basic model, a photorealistic rendering might look a bit like a dollhouse. For a more detailed model, it can look like a real photograph.


3D Walkthrough Videos

We can also create walkthrough videos in a number of common formats. You can use them to visualise the design, and you can add them to your presentations, website and social media accounts. Short and sweet or long and comprehensive, just tell us where you want to walk and where you want to look, and we’ll put it into a digital video. We can even add music or a voiceover.

We create 2D design drawings and 3D models, walkthroughs and renderings in Nottingham for local clients and clients throughout the East Midlands and all over the world.