Kitchen Re-Build: Design

This project was more than just a kitchen design. It involved deconstructing the two additions to the rear of a 1895 double-brick house: taking down the entire roof, including the rafters, leaving only the brick walls. The roof was then reconstructed with a structural ridge beam, creating a cathedral ceiling over the kitchen and a loft; a custom-made window wall over the washroom and cellar stairs; and a new coat closet, pantry and jar shelf.

Currently: Completed and constructed

Scope: Visualisation, structural design, architectural design

Submitted for: Client review, building permits, planning permission

Used for: Bids, take-outs, construction

Location: Ann Arbor, Michigan

I’m splitting this up into several galleries.

  1. The conditions before the re-build
  2. The design
  3. The construction
  4. The results

Gallery 1: The House Before the Kitchen Addition Re-build

Gallery 2: Design

Architectural design, space planning and structural design were all by Deidre Miller.

Gallery 3: Construction Process

Stripped down to bare brick: this is why it’s a re-build, not just a remodel.

Gallery 4: Results

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