design chart

You know exactly what needs to be done; the visualisation phase is complete, either with or without our help. Now you need all the details worked out. Jewelbox can provide a finished, properly drawn-up design for local authority review, cost estimates and construction.

Jewelbox Design can produce properly scaled, dimensioned and notated CAD drawings for:

  • Planning approval
  • Building warrants
  • Cost estimates and bids from
    • general contractors
    • builders
    • tradespeople
    • materials manufacturers
    • cabinet makers
    • glaziers
    • and more!

You know what you need done. We can help you work out all the technical details and communicate the design to the local authority, contractors and anyone else who will be helping to get the project built.

Regulatory Compliance

Then a new roof with a structural ridge beam was constructed. The ridge beam was supported by the back wall of the house and a truss next to the inner kitchen wall. The new roof used 2x12 rafters to allow space for ventilation and plenty of insulation.

Structural framing for a cathedral ceiling

We can create the drawings needed for planning approval and building warrants.

To receive planning permission, the project must comply with local planning policy. Planning policy is meant to support the growth of better communities through common-sense rules for development. Planning policy usually has multiple priorities, including promoting compatible uses within the same neighbourhood, protecting the character of conservation areas, preserving the habitats of threatened species, and more. Planning permission normally requires, at minimum, a site plan that clearly shows the proposed scope of work.

A building warrant confirms the design complies with building regulations. Building regulations set minimum acceptable standards for structural safety, fire safety, accessibility and energy efficiency. They are meant to ensure that construction projects result in safe, accessible buildings that also meet other government priorities, like fighting climate change. A full set of plans, sections, elevations, specifications and component schedules may be needed for a building warrant.

Materials Specifications

At the back of the new loft, a new bespoke window was constructed with maple and double-glazed panels. It mirrors the shape of the truss that supports the roof on the other side.

In the design phase, we can specify components and materials for construction. Normally, some components and characteristics are fully specified by the property owner and/or designer and others are finalised by the builders and trades. If the general contractor or builder has already been engaged, then this can be a collaborative process.

We can also provide drawings for original, bespoke components like custom windows and cabinetry.

Structural, Electrical, Plumbing and Mechanical Plans

We can provide plans especially for the trades. This makes it easier for them to estimate the work, and it gives the client and designer more input into the final result. This work may also be required for building warrants.