In architecture, a jewel box is a small but meticulously designed building. Jewelbox Design provides visualisation and design services for small projects, serving clients in Nottingham, the East Midlands and around the world. Jewelbox Properties will take on residential and commercial renovations, conversions and developments as proposals and investments.

Jewelbox believes our living and working environments should contribute to our wellbeing, adding not just convenience and order, but joy and satisfaction to our lives.

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Dee Miller: Principal

Deidre Miller has worked as a building designer, building evaluator and structural designer. She has served as a government advisor on building codes and standards, focusing on building sector energy conservation and renewable energy.  She has taught courses in engineering law and ethics, as well as providing training in blueprint reading and computer-aided design and drafting.

She holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Architecture from the University of Michigan, a Bachelor’s in Civil (structural) Engineering from Wayne State University and a Master’s of Civil Engineering from the University of Toronto, covering topics related to building science, environmental issues, public policy and property development.

Deidre is a dual US-UK citizen and presently resides in the UK, in Nottingham.

Jewelbox Design was formerly known as Demarais Design.